Legend tells of a Buddhist Monk that was so attractive he drew much attention. Not wanting distraction from his path toward enlightenment, the monk chose to alter his physical form.


He became the Laughing Buddha, well-known for two things: his never-emptying sack of goodies, and his rolls of jolly fat. He is the very picture of abundance in physical shape, and in the endless supply of toys and trinkets he carries for others.


At Laughing Buddha Institute we know that Spiritual Potential is not dictated by the Physical Form. We are dedicated to spreading LOVE and eliminating self-hatred toward the creation of a joy-filled, compassionate existence for all beings, including our planet.




The Mission of Laughing Buddha Institute is three-fold:


ENLIGHTEN Healing Professionals and the public regarding Asian philosophy, spirituality, and health practices for the betterment of Individual lives;


INSPIRE Healing Professionals to provide the best care for their clients without judgment or assumption;


and AWAKEN each person's innate self-acceptance and unconditional LOVE, influencing Individuals to manifest their true destiny in this lifetime.


In all encounters, we encourage LIMITLESS LIVING for each person, that we might create a more joyous & loving world.


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