2018 - No classes are offered!

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Classes resume Spring/Summer 2019


MORE Classes

Beginner: Open to CM Practitioners & Students, or by Instructor permission

     • Beyond the Needle: The Power of Intention

     • Harmonizing Body-Mind-Spirit: Dan Tian & Taiji Alignment

     • In the Flow: Qi Emission Therapies    

     • The Seven Affects: The Psychology of Disease

     • Surprise Guests: Spirits, Ghosts & Possessions


Please note: Recording devices are not permitted

at any Laughing Buddha Institute workshops.

LEVEL 1: Expanding the Toolbox

​• Beyond Body: Sensing & Treating the External Qi Field

Discover the field of energy that radiates from the body, reflecting the strengths (and disharmonies) of the Jing-Body, Qi-Mind, Shen-Spirit, and the major Organ Systems! Focused on development of sensitivity to locate and diagnose the Qi Fields, guided "hands-off" practice sessions help interpret the various sensations of Medical Qigong Diagnosis: physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual. Basic Treatment Strategies are also covered, with plenty of time for practice and integration. 

• Beyond Sight: Sensing & Treating the Organs & Channels

Explore the acupuncture Channels as external manifestations of the Internal Organs, practicing soft palpation and visualization techniques to diagnose Channel obstruction, Organ dysfunction, and Spiritual blocks to the healing process. Basic strategies to address these issues will also be discussed. 

• Beyond Beat: The Journey of the Pulse

In Chinese Medicine, Blood can hold unprocessed emotion and memory, seeking resolution by circulating these through the body. Using Medical Qigong Pulse Diagnosis, we delve into the Blood and the subconscious Shen-Spirit, discovering links to emotional etiology, inappropriate belief structures, and suppressed desires that could assist in realigning one’s destiny. Workshop participants will receive instruction in the basic mechanics of Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis along with plenty of practice time. 

November 2016 - Beyond Body

June 2017 - Beyond Sight

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