Catherine has been involved in the Daoist Healing Arts since 1999. Originally trained by a Daoist Priest, Catherine continued her Qigong study with various Masters in the field, becoming a Master Teacher herself in  2012.


Since 2005, Catherine has applied the spiritual understandings of Classical Chinese Medicine to harmonize the body-mind-spirit using Medical Qigong in conjunction with Acupuncture, Herbs, and other Daoist traditions. As  a Master Healer, she is known for effectively treating the emotional interplay and spiritual roots of illness to promote fast healing of chronic conditions, including emotional, auto-immune, and other enduring ailments.


With a desire to teach others the same skills she has come to value in her own professional healing work, Catherine founded Laughing Buddha Institute in 2015.

Catherine J. Lumenello

Master Teacher

Master Healer

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