Medical Qigong Certificate Program


Spirit healing is desperately needed in a culture of "Do More!" where many people ignore their body, their heart, and their deepest desires in order to fit in with perceived cultural expectations. Our Medical Qigong Certificate Program is designed for people that wish to add deeper intellectual and spirit-level understanding  to their innate, intuitive healing abilities.


The workshops at Laughing Buddha Institute are placed in three Levels: Level 1 focuses on basic theory and practical application, designed as a great skill set to add to any practice; Levels 2 & 3 are designed for those who want to incorporate Medical Qigong as a dominant technique in their healing work. Level 2 & 3 classes address the treatment of specific health conditions, including case study work and technical evaluation.


The ultimate goal of the Program is educating Professionals in the promotion of a more peaceful, love-filled, awareness of humanity. We invite YOU to be a part of this movement!

Who Can Apply?  Anyone!

Level 1: Introduction classes are open to those who do not work in the Healing Arts. They are playful introductions to the theory and practices used in Medical Qigong. Level 1: Beginner, Level 2, & Level 3 are designed for those who already work in the Healing Arts: Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine practitioners, Counselors & LIfe Coaches, Massage - Shiatsu - Reiki - Craniosacral therapists, Qigong - Yoga - Tai Chi Instructors, and students in these fields are all WELCOME!


LEVEL 1: Expanding the Toolbox

Introduction: Open to the General Public

​     • Beyond Body: Sensing & Treating the External Qi Fields

     • Beyond Sight: Sensing & Treating the Organs & Channels

     • Beyond Beat: The Journey of the Pulse

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Beginner: Open to CM Practitioners & Students, or by Instructor permission

     • Beyond the Needle: The Power of Intention

     • Harmonizing Body-Mind-Spirit: Dan Tian & Taiji Alignment

     • In the Flow: Qi Emission Therapies    

     • The Seven Affects: The Psychology of Disease

     • Surprise Guests: Spirits, Ghosts & Possessions


 LEVELS 2 & 3

For CM Practitioners or by Instructor permission. 

Special Topic Workshops address specific health concerns and Client-Practitioner issues, including:

     • Safety First: Creating Safe Space for Medical Qigong Treatment

     • Healing the Earth: Diabetes & Digestive disorders

     • The Enemy Within: Cancer & Auto-immune Diseases 

     • Barren: The Extraordinary Vessels, Destiny, & Reproduction

     • Re-aligning Destiny: A Journey for Client AND Practitioner

Level 1 workshops must be completed before starting the Level 2 workshops. Client case study reports and practical evaluation by the Instructor are required. With permission, Level 3 may be done in conjunction with Level 2.


Please note: Recording devices are not permitted

at any Laughing Buddha Institute workshops.





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